Ilaria Vangi FotografoMy name is

I love travelling, my hometown Florence, black cats, old Hollywood movies and I collect books about American photographers. Elliott Erwitt is the master of  photography for me.

I’m specialized in travel, street and telephoto photography related to any kind of event, such as weddings, meetings, sport events and much more. I collaborated with Getty Images photo agency.

I’m literally “obsessed” with photography, most of all about black and white technique but I use colours for professional reportage. In 2011 I quit my job to follow my passion for photography and turned it into my profession.

I took a professional degree at International Photography Academy The Darkroom in Florence and a master in photo journalism under the guidance of professor Franco Guardascone, who collaborates with La Presse agency.

Real vs historical postcard of Ponte Vecchio bridge, Florence (Italy)

In the past years I realized some black and white reportages of some destinations in the United States and in Italy. I’m also specialized in mobile photography, since I think new media are important nowadays.

I strongly believe that infinite nuances of the world should be captured by a photographer. It doesn’t matter if I use a reflex camera, an insta-camera or a mobile phone, I want to capture every single nuance and colour of the world around me to make it eternal, with love and respect.


Street photography 98%
Travelling 95%
Reading 80%
Black and white photography 98%
Writing about travel 85%
Listening to music 80%

Most photographers work best alone, myself included.

Elliott Erwitt